Our Pizzas


We pride ourselves in creating outstanding exciting pizza. Our dough goes through a 48hr fermentation process resulting in a super light base and a lovely puffed up leopard spotted crust.  Our ingredients are sourced from the best suppliers locally where possible, the remaining key ingredients are delivered direct from Italy.

We are constantly on the lookout for new ideas, and as a result our menus are kept fresh and vibrant.

How our menu stands out is with our use of game such as wild boar, venison or pheasant when in season. We’ve been passionate about using game in our cooking for years, and feel it is an undervalued resource given how flavoursome, sustainable and healthy it is.

Some of our recent favourites include:

Pulled wild boar, smoked chilli cheddar & fire roasted peppers
Beef brisket with chimichurri salsa verde
Chicken fajita
Duck & hoisin

Alongside our ‘adventurous’ options we always make sure to include popular Italian classics and vegetarian options to ensure there’s a choice for everyone.

Whatever your taste, The Wildfire Pizza Company can create a menu perfect for you.